Benson Grist Mill

The Benson Grist Mill, located in Tooele County, holds a rich historical significance and provides a glimpse into the past for those interested in stepping back in time. This mill has stood for over 150 years and has earned a reputation as a notable landmark in the region. In fact, it was regarded as a pivotal structural landmark between the cities of Salt Lake and Reno, Nevada. Due to its historical importance and unique architecture, the Benson Grist Mill was added to the national register of historic sites in the year 1972.

Bolinder Blacksmith Shop

This building was moved from Grantsville, Utah to its present site in 1987. Built in the late 1920’s, it was owned and operated by William “Billy” Bolinder, a skilled craftsman, who learned the blacksmith trade from his father.

Forsyth Pioneer Cabin

Built by Andrew Barker Forsyth for his bride, Emily Elizabeth Moss, in 1872. Three of the 10 children were born in this cabin. Emily grew up on a small farm nearby and regaled her children and grandchildren with stories of buying beads from Indians and helping her father boil down salt water from the Great Salt Lake.

For those who like to take a step back in time, Tooele County’s Benson Grist Mill is a site that can’t be missed.

Now more than 150 years old, the mill was dubbed as the most significant structural landmark between Salt Lake and Reno, Nevada when it was placed on the national register of historic sites in 1972.

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